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XIOSS Vision

Our vision is to provide organizations with a competitive advantage in IT by maximizing business productivity and reducing operational costs in their enterprise data center.

Our mission is to work with IT professionals to solve their respective IT storage and infrastructure challenges. We strive to deliver the most appropriate storage solution that works within the requirements of their businesses. We are focused on designing and delivering optimized solutions for storage, data protection, and IT continuity while leveraging traditional, virtualization or Cloud architectures.

Our primary goal is to become your trusted advisor. We are committed to forging strong partnerships with our vendors and customers. Data is at the heart of the enterprise and we take this very seriously. Cloud technologies and the mobile work environment of today have created new challenges around the protection of data. We pride ourselves on having a solid understanding of the many challenges faced by enterprise management and IT departments today, as well as the methodologies to address those challenges. Our team of storage professionals have over a century of combined experience. We have been involved in virtually every aspect of storage deployments regardless of infrastructure. You can rely on XIOSS to provide you with expert technical advice on how to cost effectively solve virtually any storage challenge to deliver the most appropriate solution for optimal results. We have been on your side of the table.

We believe it is all about keeping your applications and data available, protected and secure so employees can perform at maximum levels to grow your business. We have this thought in mind every time we assist customers. To us, technology is simply a tool we provide so that you can deliver the service level objective (SLO) your business requires. Not all businesses need .99999 of up-time.We get it. Some of our customers have zero tolerance for down-time while others have less stringent requirements. It always ends up being a cost vs. value discussion. We always ask you, "What are you trying to accomplish?", and, "Why?" This is important for us to understand because only then we can architect the right solution for you or point you to another supplier that can do so.

Our storage, data protection and Cloud services model deliver immediate and permanent return on investment (ROI) on storage-related expenditures (e.g. human resource, equipment), as well as on mission-critical business applications (e.g. messaging, databases), by maximizing performance and data availability. XIOSS solutions protect business investments in people and know-how by leveraging traditional storage technologies and by allowing companies to enjoy a private or a hybrid Cloud services model. As technologies and methodologies continue to evolve, we are relentless in exploring and testing out the new "stuff" so you can focus on applications and those things that differentiate your company from the competition. It is about empowering you to make the right decision without having to spend the necessary time to investigate which technologies and methods are the best for your business.

A typical company's data growth outpaces its revenue growth which presents IT professionals with the ongoing challenge of finding more efficient methods and cost effective solutions. As the typical organization moves from physical files to digital files, the need to have the data available and accessible is more important than ever. Data is what is unique to each enterprise. According to analysts, digital information represents 70% of the value of a company. It has been said by many analysts that the average enterprise experiences 40-60% data growth from the previous year. Meanwhile, the number of IT professionals in the world grows by less than a factor of 1.5 per year. This is a problem. XIOSS has the solution.


Data Migration

According to many analysts and our field experience, most companies experience 50% data growth annually. To put things into perspective , 10 Terabytes grows to over 590 Terabytes in 10 years. Unless you have 600TB of available space, you will experience at least one migration.

The issue with data migrations is it can be very risky and time consuming. In many cases it can cause a significant amount of downtime. Virtualization has helped this process but if your snapshots are not application aware, it is still somewhat difficult. Migrating just the data blocks is only half of the story. What about, Applications, OS, System State, IP Address and Networking dependencies?

XIOSS Team of Storage Architects have decades of experience in migrating entire data centers as well as data from array to array or NAS to NAS. Over time we have learned how to do migrations with minimal disruption. We term this "workload mobility" whereby we take a "holistic" snapshot of your physical and virtual servers, mount them in a test environment prior to fail-over to guarantee success. As a byproduct of this exercise, many companies leverage this as their DR strategy for the long term. XIOSS can show you how to leverage proven storage virtualization technologies to eliminate backup, provide rapid recovery and allow you to spin up exact server replicas within minutes for testing or fail-over!

Another challenge we help solve is migrating data from proprietary NAS Filers such as NetApp to another NAS filer such as EMC Celerra. This is more difficult than one might gather. Even more difficult is migrating from an archive file system (CAS) to another (CAS). We do this all of the time! Call us if you feel locked into a solution, we can help. XIOSS IQ can end migrations once and for all!



Our Vision

Our vision is to provide organizations with a competitive advantage in IT by maximizing business productivity and reducing operational costs.


Storage Chaos?

XIOSS works with enterprises of all sizes across many data intensive industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal, Federal and State Govt, Airlines, and Telecom to name a few. This provides us with a broad range of experience when managing petabytes of data.  We offer intelligence storage analysis services and measure this against best practices to determine what needs to be done today in terms of of better utilization , space reclamation, and trending.

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