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XCES Storage Auditor

Lower the total cost of ownership through increased utilization and reduced storage purchases with our SaaS XCES Storage Auditor

Protecting exploding data volumes reveals significant gaps in IT architectures.

      • Complexity sprawl. With technology talent also strained, IT organizations are loath to add more complexity to their technology infrastructures and are instead looking for more ways to empower end users with easy-to-use tools.

Budget constraints. In this uncertain economy, organizations want to make the most of what they already have, not to commit significant up-front investments to new technology.




Data Migration

According to many analysts and our field experience, most companies experience 50% data growth annually. To put things into perspective , 10 Terabytes grows to over 590 Terabytes in 10 years. Unless you have 600TB of available space, you will experience at least one migration.

The issue with data migrations is it can be very risky and time consuming. In many cases it can cause a significant amount of downtime. Virtualization has helped this process but if your snapshots are not application aware, it is still somewhat difficult. Migrating just the data blocks is only half of the story. What about, Applications, OS, System State, IP Address and Networking dependencies?

XIOSS Team of Storage Architects have decades of experience in migrating entire data centers as well as data from array to array or NAS to NAS. Over time we have learned how to do migrations with minimal disruption. We term this "workload mobility" whereby we take a "holistic" snapshot of your physical and virtual servers, mount them in a test environment prior to fail-over to guarantee success. As a byproduct of this exercise, many companies leverage this as their DR strategy for the long term. XIOSS can show you how to leverage proven storage virtualization technologies to eliminate backup, provide rapid recovery and allow you to spin up exact server replicas within minutes for testing or fail-over!

Another challenge we help solve is migrating data from proprietary NAS Filers such as NetApp to another NAS filer such as EMC Celerra. This is more difficult than one might gather. Even more difficult is migrating from an archive file system (CAS) to another (CAS). We do this all of the time! Call us if you feel locked into a solution, we can help. XIOSS IQ can end migrations once and for all!


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