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XIOSS IQ XPA provides aggregate and volume capacity information.   Organizes the report so that user can easily determine possible performance issues.

XIOSS IQ XPA Benefits:

  •  - Generates detailed perfstat performance analysis report from perfstat files
  •  - XPA is distributed as a software appliance
  •  - XPA can be run from a 64-bit laptop or ESX,ESXI VMware environment
  •  - Creates detailed analysis report in less than 5 minutes
  •  - Dramatically speeds remediation of performance related issues
  •  - Enables proactive filer performance analysis
  •  - Enables filer performance trend analysis


XIOSS IQ XPA organizes the report so that user can easily determine possible performance issues

Easily Detects:

  •  - LUN misalignments
  •  - Network interface issues
  •  - Disk Issues
  •  - Raid-group issues
  •  - FlexCache and Flash Cache issues
  •  - Random I/O issues
  •  - Determine biggest consumers of resources


  • - No user data leaves your site!
  • - No access to your servers required
  • - No passwords needed
  • - No remote access needed



XCES Storage Auditor

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Lower the total cost of ownership through increased utilization and reduced storage purchases with our SaaS XCES Storage Auditor

Protecting exploding data volumes reveals significant gaps in IT architectures.

      • Complexity sprawl. With technology talent also strained, IT organizations are loath to add more complexity to their technology infrastructures and are instead looking for more ways to empower end users with easy-to-use tools.

Budget constraints. In this uncertain economy, organizations want to make the most of what they already have, not to commit significant up-front investments to new technology.




XCES Performance Correlation Engine

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XIOSS has built XCES, a powerful performance correlation engine that enables customers to peer into their own storage data and break this information into key areas of interest. Focusing on utilization, connectivity, and operational efficiencies in the storage network, customers can attain a higher level of availability, increased cost savings and the ability to proactively grow and maintain their environments.

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