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Storage Assessment & Strategy

XIOSS is the trusted storage advisor for several Fortune 100 clients as well as many organizations of all sizes across many industries. This broad range of experience has led XIOSS to develop "Best Practice" methods to implement and manage data and underlying infrastructure to ensure that availability, accessibility and performance objectives are met for now and into the future.

XIOSS views technology as a vehicle and not a destination. Our number one priority is to understand your business needs so we can design and implement the right solution that achieves your objectives.  Our experienced team of data storage engineers examine where you are at today to determine the exact steps and milestones required to achieve your vision. Data is at the heart of every enterprise and needs to be de-coupled from traditional storage arrays to avoid vendor lock in, unnecessary migrations, scalability and capacity ceilings. Storage, servers, and applications keep changing or evolving all the while your data remains the same.

Gaining Clarity -

By gaining clarity of your current situation, we combine big picture thinking, emerging technologies, and our assessment tools to align them with your specific profile as it relates to:

  • Budget Priorities

  • Existing Infrastructure

  • Virtualization

  • Current IT Investments

  • Cost to manage existing environment

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Recoverability and Availability Requirements

  • Application Performance Requirements

  • Reclaimable or orphaned disk space

  • Data Tiering, Application Tiering and Storage Tiering

  • And many more....

The end result is to identify opportunities to improve overall IT efficiencies, performance and continuity while reducing ongoing costs, risk of data loss, unplanned outages and the time it takes to recover from any type of disaster. It's all about your data and making sure we help maximize each customer's return on investment to deliver the best service level objective possible for the available budget. XIOSS is not everything to everyone. We are specialists in designing scalable, fault tolerant, high performance networked storage solutions.


XCES Performance Correlation Engine

XIOSS has built XCES, a powerful performance correlation engine that enables customers to peer into their own storage data and break this information into key areas of interest. Focusing on utilization, connectivity, and operational efficiencies in the storage network, customers can attain a higher level of availability, increased cost savings and the ability to proactively grow and maintain their environments.

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