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Shrink Enterprise Application Projects With Delphix By 50%

Applications support business process, and for digital business, applications are the business process. Because of the importance of applications to modern business, many CIOs include application creation, modernization, or consolidation as key IT initiatives. Application delivery organizations must support the business through timely and quality app releases.

Of course, the applications that enable business process also require data: customer data, purchase history data, pricing data, inventory data, transaction data, etc. The information that powers applications lives in enterprise databases, and the cost and overhead of maintaining those databases can significantly impact application delivery. In fact, application development is often bogged down by non-development processes, including database provisioning processes.


Large IT organizations can often take days or weeks to provision a new, usable database copy for an app development team. After the developer requests the database, as many as four different teams – storage, DBA, server, and network administration – may be involved to complete the request. If the app requires updated data for testing, delivery is delayed further.

By shortening the time required to provision databases and enabling developer self-service, Delphix can dramatically reduce application delivery time. In one real world sales application, Delphix shortened an application delivery project by 50%, from 12 months to only 6 months.

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