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XIOSS works with enterprises of all sizes across many data intensive industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal, Federal and State Govt, Airlines, and Telecom to name a few. This provides us with a broad range of experience when managing petabytes of data.  We offer intelligence storage analysis services and measure this against best practices to determine what needs to be done today in terms of of better utilization , space reclamation, and trending.

The Facts

Storage efficiency has become a major issue for many large organizations. Data centers for many companies are at capacity and storage is one of the largest consumers of space, power and cooling. Disk drive capacities have continued to increase dramatically, presenting a frequent need to review deployed technology and determine whether the existing infrastructure could be replaced with new technology that is more efficient in terms of space and power usage.

According to IDC in their study "Extracting Value from Chaos" June 2011 ,  the number of "files," or containers that encapsulate the information in the digital universe, is growing
even faster than the information itself as more and more embedded systems pump their bits into the digital cosmos. In the next five years, these files will grow by a factor of 8, while the pool of IT staff available to manage them will grow only slightly.  While 75% of the information in the digital universe is generated by individuals, enterprises have some liability for 80% of information in the digital universe at some point in its digital life.

How we help:

We  discover an inventory your storage resources across your enterprise to gain insight and produce valuable reports that measure utilization rates, over provisioning and measures the current configuration against best practices. The value is to provide our customers with deep insight into their capacity usage, data growth, host usage, and more. Engage XIOSS to provide you with an enterprise wide view of your data!

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XIOSS Data Services

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